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This section of our website is dedicated to what the press and wine experts have to say about our work and wines. This is also an act of gratitude and thanks to the feedback we receive. This feedback is at the core of the driving force for our ongoing effort to produce high-quality wines.

"TOP 100 WINERY OF THE YEAR 2004, 2005 and 2006" (Wine & Spirits Magazine)  "The Lucien Le Moine wines have limited availability but are worth a special search of the marketplace" (Stephen Tanzer)
"They have rapidly become known for producing hand-crafted wines that are made with a minimalist approach." (Burghound)  "As readers know I am a stylistic agnostic in terms of qualitative ratings and I can tell you that the underlying material here in 2005 is superb. That said, if you are not familiar with the Le Moine style, I suggest trying a bottle or two first to see if it appeals to you." (Burghound)
"The quality ranges from excellent to outstanding..." (Burghound)  "The Lucien Le Moine wines tend to drip early sex appeal owing to their sheer sweetness, so I would not bet against them in blind tastings." (Steve Tanzer)
"As the scores and comments confirm, this is a very impressive set of wines" (Burghound)  "Mounir Saouma is a négociant of a unique sort" (Parker)
"Mounir Saouma of Le Moine interprets the character of each vintage before making his choices in the cellar." Wine Spectator  "This bright, hard working, extroverted man has created in a few short years one of burgundy’s finest independent negociant firms." Wine Advocate
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